• What's in my gym bag?

    People always ask my favorite products and what I use day to day. I figured I would start off with what is in my gym bag. Now, because my job is the gym this is also my purse. I have a whole arsenal of things in there but below you will find a list of my favorites! Head to my instagram @mmmadisonmurray for more details.

    My Bag: 
    - My bag is from a UK company called GymTote.  They make designer gym bags.I have had my eye on one of these babies for a while. Once I saw that they came out with a bag that was a backpack, I finally pulled the trigger! This specific bag is called the Charli. It is made out of beautiful black leather with gold details. Unfortunately this specific bag has sold out but I can only imagine how awesome their other products are. It has specific pockets for tennis shoes, a lap top, and a water bottle. My favorite part is that it matches my sporty look but also allows me to feel put together and fabulous all at the same time! 

    Daily Domination Journal: 
    -This is something that I have just recently started using. It is a daily journal that helps you set your intentions for the day/week as you create positive habits. It also doubles as a gratitude journal. Like I said, I just started using this but so far I have noticed that I pay more attention to things that I am doing and am making sure that they are in line with my goals. I always try to note what I am grateful for throughout the day but it nice taking a moment to sit down and actually have a place to put it. 

    Sweat Cosmetics:
    -Who likes to get a good sweat on but doesn't want to look like a wet dog after?! *Insert hand raise emoji here* Yeah, I'm with ya on that! That is why I use sweat cosmetics! It is a powdered foundation with SPF. It is specifically designed for women who sweat. How awesome is that?  It stays on through an entire H.I.I.T workout at BODI and allows me to feel confident even after being drenched in sweat. I unfortunately have the tendency to break out easy, but with this product my face feels fresh and breakout free! 

    RX Bars:
    -I like to eat, but I like to eat well! I am always on the go but that doesn't stop me from eating healthy. I always plan ahead and have an RX bar with me. These are my favorite protein bars because they are made from all natural, whole ingredients. 3 Egg whites, 6 Almonds, 4 Cashews, 2 Dates, NO B.S.  Thats it! I will fully back any company that can incorporate a cuss word into their branding but still keep it classy ;) Most protein bars trick you into thinking that they are healthy but they are full of artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that you can't even pronounce. So far I have tried Chocolate Sea Salt, Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate, and Blueberry. I have loved every single one of them! Not only are they high in protein they are macro friendly and they actually taste like a yummy treat. 

    Dry Shampoo: 
    -Because, Duh. I am in a gym and sweat all day.  If I didn't use this stuff I would have to wear a hat every single day. I use the cheap travel size can of TRESemme. I use this brand because it is easy to throw in my bag, it doesn't take a lot of space, it is at almost every store, oh and did I mention its cheap? 

    -Yes, I caved in and tried lipsense. This is a lip product that stays on all day. I was skeptical at first but it really does stay on all day! The reason I initially tried this is because, again, I am at the gym all day. Just because I like to be a Bad Ass in the gym doesn't mean I don't like to be a little sassy and girly too ;) It allows me to get done up in the morning and then not have to worry and be high maintenance about it throughout the day. I bought a natural nude color called apple cider and I topped it with the Glossy gloss. So far that is the only color I have tried. I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

    One more thing before I go. Notice how there are no supplements or pre workouts in my gym bag? Thats because they aren't necessary! I probably disappointed you with the products in my bag but you don't need to believe all the hype about loading up on sups and pre workouts. All you need to fuel your workouts are healthy, correctly portioned meals, and your hot bod! I used to be the queen of pre workout. I would take it all day, every day. Even if I wasn't working out. Ever since I stopped taking it my skin has been clearer, I have slept better, I am way less irritable, and to be honest, my workouts have been better! 

    Thats all for now! Stay strong, get sweaty and have an amazing day!

    Madison, MadFIt

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