• Training For Life


    “You push a little farther than you have to. A little further than you thought you could. You do it, you grin and bear it, because you know if this doesn’t make you quit, maybe life won’t make you quit either.”

    This is one of my favorite quotes because it embodies one of my favorite things about training and fitness. RESILIENCE. We all have different reasons and motivations for working out, but whether you realize it or not you are training for life.

    You are training to become a better, stronger you. You are training to become resilient to all that life throws your way.

    Yes, you may have a special focus on building your booty or getting rock hard abs, but in the process you are becoming mentally strong.

    You are learning how to push past your breaking point.

    You are learning how to stick with something even when it gets hard.

    You are learning how to bounce back and fight back.

    You are learning how to trust and believe in yourself.

    You are learning that you are capable of hard things.

    You are training hard in the gym so that the rest of your life is easier.

    You are training for life.

    Next time you are frustrated with the lack of booty growth or ab definition, remember to focus on a different kind of growth…your mental growth. Whether you are focusing on it or not, you better believe that your workouts are there to make you RESILIENT.

    When life throws a curve ball, remember not to be afraid, because you have been training for this.
    Every. Single. Day.

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