• The Lazy Girls Guide To Healthy Living

    Okay okay... so I don’t think there is anyone who would consider me lazy. But I do like to be efficient AF and sometimes it feels lazy because it is so simple! Let me explain...

    Eating healthy is always a priority for me, but sometimes life just makes that hard! I have been living in a friend's casita for the last month while I wait for my new place to be ready. Because of this, I am off my game and my routine is all over the place. I don’t have my regular meals, I don’t have a full kitchen to cook (not like I cooked anyways, but still) and it is throwing me off. I feel like I am living in transit and feel all over the place. I always try to find the healthy hacks so I figured now is the best time to share them because they are my life survival tips right now!

    Lazy Girl Life Hacks:

    -Protein Oatmeal. This is a game changer. Because I don’t have a full kitchen to cook my protein in, it makes it hard to get enough in. I add a scoop of protein to instant oats in the morning and I have a full macro friendly meal that took me literally one minute to make. Throw some berries on top and it looks like a masterpiece.

    -Protein Shakes. This is a no brainer, but it's easy to forget how much protein you could be missing if you aren’t getting it in at every meal like normal. This is a quick and easy way to get in a full meal on the go.

    -Buy pre-chopped veggies. I don't know about you, but I don’t have the time or the patience to spend a full day meal prepping. It's especially hard when you don’t have a kitchen! I buy the pre-chopped veggies and use them to snack on or to throw into my salads. It costs a little bit more, but you can’t put a price on efficiency.

    -Buy frozen veggies. If you can’t buy fresh veggies, buy frozen veggies that you can steam in the microwave. This isn’t something that I recommend regularly, but even a homeless girl has gotta eat lol.

    -Smoothies, all day every day. Okay... maybe not all day, but if you really are lazy get used to drinking smoothies. You can get a full meal made in the matter of minutes and you can take it on the go. If you want to make it even faster, spend a day pre-making your smoothies and freeze the ingredients. That way when you are ready all you have to do is put it in the blender

    -Find a meal prep company. If you know me or follow me then you know I am obsessed with Nature's Purpose. They have been a game changer for me. Like I said, I am not lazy but also… I’m lazy. I hate cooking. I am not good at it and I don’t want to spend the little free time that I do have, slaving away in the kitchen. They make it so easy to stay on track and eat pre-portioned, macro-friendly meals.

    -Buy rotisserie chicken. This is higher in fat than regular chicken breast so keep that in mind, but if you are in a crunch it works great. It is already cooked and seasoned. You can eat it right then and there or shred it and throw it in your salad for the week.

    -On-the-go snacks. When I plan my snacks ahead of time it helps avoid impulse eating. My favorite on the go snacks are hard boiled eggs, pre-packaged nuts and protein bars (RX bars are my favorite).

    -Healthy restaurants in the area. I wish I could say I never eat out, but lately that is all I have been doing. However, that doesn’t have to mean you throw all your goals out the window. Everywhere has a healthy option and now there are restaurants that are ONLY selling healthy foods. Find the ones in your area and keep that in mind in case you get desperate.

    -Starbs. When in doubt, starbucks it out. Lucky for us there is a starbucks on every corner. I obviously don’t suggest eating there every day, but it is better than running into a gas station or grabbing fast food. The egg and cheese protein box is a fave. Another good option is the reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich. Other than that you can always grab a fruit cup or a protein bar!

    -All the salad. Get used to salads. Salads are the easiest and fastest meal ever. Buy a big box of greens, pre-cooked chicken, pre-chopped veggies, healthy dressing and voila you are done!

    -Crock pot squad. I'm adding this tip because everyone I know swears by them, but again… I don’t cook… but get a crock pot! You can have food cooking all day while you are gone and then it is ready to go when you get home. I wish I could say more about this, but I can't so just do it ;)

    Let me know what some of your favorite healthy hacks are!

    xo Mad
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