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    This post is a little sassier than normal, actually who am I kidding... I’m always sassy. But it's real and sometimes you just need a nice dose of reality! I always get asked what's the best "XYZ." The crazy thing is you guys already know the answers to these questions. You just don’t like that answers. You want me to tell you that I have a secret formula for fitness that no one else knows but me. You want a magic fitness pill and an even bigger nutrition pill. Sorry peeps, that doesn’t exist. I am going to break down all of the things that I find to work “best”. Hopefully it will help clear some things up ;)

    What's the best supplement? 

    The best thing you can do is make sure you are getting the correct amount of proteins, fats and carbs. If you are hitting these numbers and eating whole, natural foods then you technically don’t need any supplements.

    What's the best kind of workout? 

    The best one is the workout you will actually do!!! How simple is that?! Some people don’t understand that a workout is a workout. Yes, there are ones that will help you reach your goals faster or more efficiently but the best one is one that gets done. Not knowing what type of workout to do holds SO many people back. As long as you enjoy it and you consistently do it, it's a good workout!

    Check out some of my quick & easy go-to workouts.

    What's the best time to workout?

    A time that you will actually do it is the best time. Just because your friend workouts out at 6am and loves it doesn’t mean that is the best time for you. You need to take into account your schedule, your energy levels and your motivation levels. This may take some trial and error, but you will eventually find what works best for you. Figure out what that looks like for you and stick to it.

    What's the best food to eat for fat loss?

    You can eat any kind of food you want as long as you are in a slight calorie deficit. Obviously you want to keep high calorie and sugary foods in check, but you can technically eat them and still lose fat. It's all about calories in vs. calories out.

    What's the best ab exercise to get a six pack? 

    You can strengthen your abs all you want, but until you have your nutrition in check you won't see any definition. You already know that abs are made in the kitchen!

    What's the best way to spot reduce xxx area? 

    It's not possible to spot reduce a specific area of your body. You can make sure you are working out, building muscle in that area and eating correctly, but unfortunately you don’t get to fully choose your body composition. Your body decides where it will lose fat first and where it will build muscle the most.

    What's the best time to eat my meals? 

    It doesn’t matter what time you eat your meals as long as you are eating the right amount of calories for your goals. 2,000 calories at one sitting is the same as four 500 calorie meals. As long as you are eating correctly for you goals you can eat whenever your schedule allows. Yes, that means you can eat carbs after dark!

    What's the best diet out there?

    If it has the word diet in it, it's already a fail. Diets are not sustainable. You may see results. You may even see results quickly. But you won't stick to it. You will eventually fall off. You need to learn to make it a lifestyle. Create healthy, sustainable habits rather than diving into a crash diet that you heard about on Instagram. Trust me on this one! Read my post "The 5 Habits" to see how easy it can be to implement simple changes that will help transform your diet and nutrition.

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