"Don’t even know where to begin! Madi completely transformed my body and gave me so many tips on nutrition and workouts. I have a crazy work schedule and have weeks/months where I can’t make it in but have been able to maintain my weight because of the workouts she’s taught me. 

I am in no way a pro when it comes to working out so Madi has been amazing with giving me realistic workouts to complete. Forever grateful for this beauty!!!"- Brittney M (Personal Training Client) 

"Madi's guidance over the last 3+ months has been exactly what I needed!! I gave her a goal that I wanted to obtain and she gave me the tools (meals, workouts, accountability) to help me achieve it. 

Once my first goal was achieved, she continued to help me set goals and has been my rock and motivator to get me through to achieve yet another goal!! I can't wait to continue my fitness journey with Madi to become the best me I can be." - Jessica Z. ( BODI member and Nutrition Client ) 

"I first started training at BODI in January 2017. I loved the atmosphere and the positive motivation from the trainers. It wasn’t until the end of September where I felt like I was in a fitness plateau. I needed to focus on my diet since I knew that was the thing that was holding me back from my goals.

 I met with Madi and told her my frustrations and goals about my diet and how I needed her help. She created a 4-week meal plan for me to help reach my fitness goals. I wanted to learn more about macros and a healthy diet so when the 4 weeks was over, I could replicate it on my own. 

She introduced me to new ideas, meals, and healthy alternatives to what I was originally eating. After calculating my macros, taking measurements, and sending me my 4-week meal plan I was excited to make some positive changes! 

Madi checked in with me weekly and made sure the plan accommodated my dairy free diet. She was making sure I liked what I was eating and I was following the plan. At first, I thought I was eating too much food, but after a week, I loved how much I was eating and adjusting well. 

My favorite meals were the chicken-strawberry-spinach salad and the zucchini noodles with ground turkey meatballs. After the 4 weeks, I was ecstatic about my results. I was down 4 pounds, down in body fat, and up in muscle mass. It was a small change, but Madi reassured me that smaller changes are easier to keep off and maintain. 

What I appreciate the most about Madi is her knowledge, motivation and support. I can’t thank her enough for everything she does for the BODI community and myself! If you are looking for an easy, healthy, and delicious meal plan you need to contact Madi!"- Audrey G. (BODI member and meal plan/macro client)

"I love my personalized workouts from Madi! She incorporates new and challenging moves into every week's workouts, and I am always excited to try them out!" -Emily V. ( Online Personal Training Client )

"People should spend some time with Madison if they are looking for both external and internal results. She not only helped me achieve some of my exercise focused goals but she also helped me create healthy habits resulting in increased self-confidence and a better body image. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her." -Kristina A. ( Online Personal Training Client )