Social Media

Follow along on instagram for all things training, nutrition and lifestyle. I post a little bit of everything,  from my daily life to all of my fitness ventures. You will find a mix of photos and videos, but if you comment or message me with what you would like to see , I will be happy to post it! My story is always entertaining because you never know what you are going to get! 

Facebook is where I share most of my blog articles, articles from other fitness personalities and any other features that I get. This page is new so share it will your friends and spread the word! 

People are saying that twitter is dying, but I say bring it back! I mostly used it in my Suns Dancer days to share updates on basketball and all things sports but now a days it is where I go to repost my content and retweet quotes in hopes of inspiring just one more person!

My youtube page is where you will find all of my workout videos and exercise demonstrations. If you are an online training client you will receive a private youtube link with your individual instructions and exercise demonstration. Maybe one day I will get my butt around to vloging, but until then check out the MadFit Blog!