• Pre, Intra and Post Workout Nutrition


    Nutrient timing is always something that I get questions about. I get asked things like…"Can I eat carbs at night?" or "How soon after I wake up should I be eating?" But the most frequent questions are about what to eat before, during and after workouts. My first suggestion is to play around with it to find out what feels best for you. Pay close attention to your energy levels, muscle fatigue (if any), and also how quickly you recover after your workouts. I will give you some tips to really maximize your workouts using nutrition, however, if it doesn’t FEEL good for you then is it really a good tip? Not in my opinion. So keep that in mind and use these tips as general guidelines. Play around with these suggestions to see what feels best for you and your body.

    Pre-workout nutrition: Keep this meal high in protein and carbs. The protein will help maintain and increase muscle size. It will fill your blood stream with amino acids which help reduce muscle damage and will help you recover faster. The carbs will provide you with energy for your workout. It will also improve the intensity of your performance. Keep in mind that carbs don't always have to mean pastas, breads, and rice. Fruits and veggies are a great pre-workout carb options. For a more in depth explanation of proteins and carbs check out "Macros 101" where a list of different food options for each category is provided to help guide you. 

    Intra-workout nutrition: I personally would not suggest eating during your workout, but again, maybe that is what works for you. ;) What I would suggest, is focusing on staying hydrated. Make sure you are drinking water throughout your workout and also incorporating BCAAs. BCAAs stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids. BCAA’s are going to aid in recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and aid in protein synthesis.

    Post-workout nutrition: Plan to eat about 30 minutes to an hour after exercise. Keep this meal higher in protein. The high protein will ensure that you get the most out of your workout. Men need about 40-60g of protein and women need about 20-30g of protein, post workout. Check out one of my favorite "lean, clean, green protein shake" recipes for the perfect post-workout snack.

    Slowly incorporate each of these modifications into your pre, intra and post workout routine to take your results to the next level!

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