• Memories Over Macros


    I get asked all the time how I stay on top of my health and fitness goals during a vacation. The answer is…I don’t. I think there is a time and place to make sure you get your workouts in and track your macros. For me that is not during a vacation. If it is a short trip or I have something scheduled that I need to be “on point” for, then I will put a little more effort in, but that is rare. If that’s your jam then you can find my favorite healthy travel tips here.

    For most of my vacations I relax and let loose. I may be one of the few trainers or nutrition coaches that say this, but I truly believe in “memories over macros”. To me life is meant to be lived and enjoyed!! I think it is actually good for you to loosen the reigns a little and make having some fun your priority.

    Healthy food and the gym will always be there. Making memories might not be. The 5 extra pounds that you gain or that just don’t want to go away... those are from LIFE. They are the birthday parties, the vacations and all your social events. I don’t know about you, but I am not willing to trade in those things so that I can be 5 lbs lighter. #NOTWORTHIT

    Obviously, you don't have to pig out just because you are on vacay. I am just saying you don’t have to make working out and eating healthy your priority and you shouldn’t feel bad for letting loose and having some fun. I promise you aren’t doing that much damage in 5 days. Your bod will bounce back as soon as you decide to get back to it so try not to stress. Plus, sometimes after a few days of eating bad and not working out you actually crave a good workout and yummy green salad. I like the feeling of WANTING to get back on track instead of feeling like I HAVE to get back on track.

    Next time you are on vacation remember this and allow yourself to have some fun and make memories instead of worrying about your macros!

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