• Looking after YOU - the importance of having a self care routine

    Life can be chaotic and hectic and because of this it can be very easy to neglect ourselves. We have others to care for and a to do list as long as our arm but if we don't slow down and focus on ourselves, our physical and mental health can suffer and can lead to feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

    When we feel stressed we often put ourselves at the bottom of our priorities. This can mean making poor food choices, stopping exercising and not making time to see friends and family. These acts of self care can seem like unnecessarily luxuries but they really are so important.

    So how do we define self care? For me it's treating yourself as kindly as you would treat those you love and generally being good and compassionate towards yourself, anything that has long term benefits for the mind and body. The benefits are countless but include improved productivity, a higher resistance to disease, improved self esteem and self awareness, and having more to give to others.

    We can practice self care by thinking of ourselves as if we were our best friend; we wouldn't be as hard on them as we are on ourselves. When you have a million tasks to do, let some of them go by delegating or simply prioritising the most important. What's the worst that can happen if not everything on your list gets done? Take time for you, whether that's having five minutes with a nice coffee and a book, a bubble bath with a glass of wine, a walk in the woods, a catch up with an old friend, a watch of your favourite film, a sing and a dance to your favourite song, cooking up nourishing healthy meals on a Sunday for the coming week, going to bed early, going to a new gym class, practicing yoga in the peace and quiet before anyone else is up, having a nap, not hanging out with people who bring you down and seeing more of those who make you feel the best version of you. It's also about saying yes to what you want to do and not feeling bad about saying no to things you'd rather not. Basically it's being kind to yourself and anything that makes you feel good, nourishes your soul and makes you feel like you are living life not just existing.

    Start making changes and practicing self care and you'll soon find yourself becoming the best version of you.

    Become the best version of you.

    With best wishes,
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