• How to push yourself when working out alone

    working out alone

    I am lucky enough to be able to get most of my workouts done at BODI in the group H.I.I.T classes. However, there are some days when my schedule doesn’t allow me to workout there and I have to do it alone. Man, is it rough! I genuinely enjoy working out, but it is so much harder alone! Even if I am pumped up, it is hard to push myself to get through it and crush my workout. These are some of the best ways I have found to motivate and push myself when working out alone.

    Go in with a plan: Make sure that you have a workout plan ready to go BEFORE you get to the gym. It doesn’t matter if you write your own workouts or if you follow a program. By having a plan, it will avoid wasting time trying to figure out what to do. It will also help avoid doing only exercises that sound good in the moment.

    Make a schedule and stick to it: In addition to having a workout plan, schedule your workouts ahead of time and make sure you stick to them. This will create a habit of showing up and getting it done even on days that you don’t feel like it. Check out my post on "Time Management."

    Find a type of exercise that you enjoy: I obviously have my beliefs on what the best type of training is. However, I think the best type of exercise is one that you enjoy doing. You are way more likely to stick to a training program if it is something that you actually like!

    Treat yo’ self: Set up a reward system so that when you complete certain goals you earn rewards. Maybe if you complete X amount of workouts in the month you get to buy yourself those new training shoes you have been eyeing. Maybe if you exercise 5 days in a row and take two full rest days then you get to buy yourself a new piece of exercise equipment for your home gym. This will keep you motivated and working towards something!

    Set a goal: Of course long term goals or weight loss goals are great, but I’m talking about a specific goal for that specific workout. Decide that on a strength exercise you are going to lift heavier. Decide on the intense cardio move you are not going to stop for at least 30 seconds. Make the workout a game and figure out different ways you can challenge yourself within each exercise! Check out my post on "Goal Setting Tips" for more information! 

    Set the mood: Create a playlist with all of your favorite songs that pump you up and push you when you need it the most. Another good way to set the mood is to get out all the equipment you will need so it is ready to go. That way you aren’t wasting precious sweat time grabbing equipment.

    Stay accountable: Maybe you text a friend and tell her that you are going to workout and check in with her after. You could post it on social media and follow up with a post after you have completed your workout! It sounds silly, but knowing that even one person is watching will keep you in check!

    Track your progress: You can always track your progress with the scale, pictures, or feeling how your clothes fit. However, that won't really motivate you in the middle of your workout. Use benchmark workouts and track your progress. That will motivated you to push harder and lift heavier! Read "How to measure your progress" for more tips!

    Rest, but not yet: This one is something that I use often. During my workout I obviously get to my breaking point and just want to quit. When I hit that point it would be easiest to just quit right then and there. Instead, I hit that point and tell myself that I can quit after I count to ten. That way I push past my breaking point and get a little more work in. Even that 10 seconds makes a HUGE difference. Not only is that making me physically stronger, but mentally stronger as well!

    I hope some of these tips will help you and inspire you to push yourself when working out alone! If you still struggle working out alone , come check out BODI!

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