• HIIT Workouts for the WIN


    You may be wondering “What in world is HIIT?” I asked the same exact question two years ago before I was introduced to Scottsdale BODI. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and this type of exercise has changed my view on what an effective workout looks like. Growing up I thought spending hours in the gym and putting my body through excessive amounts of cardio was the only way to achieve my dream body. Clearly that never worked. My body was always fatigued, burnt out and I never saw any results. Although cardio is important to burn calories, the long-term benefit comes from incorporating weight-training and cardio together to effectively get the most out of every workout. The beauty of HIIT is you get the best of both worlds and it can be accomplished within a 15-30 minute workout.

    HIIT workouts are created with intense bursts of high-intensity circuits for shorter time intervals (20-60 seconds per exercise) followed by a recovery period for rest. This strategy allows for your heart rate to sky rocket temporarily, while also building muscle through strength training. It is so effective because your body continues to reap the benefits up to 24-hours after the workout is completed. The body will continue to burn calories and fat throughout the day, while also boosting metabolism. Both components are crucial to see changes in body composition and to start seeing lean, toned muscles appear.

    Our bodies crave variation and I believe it is important to occasionally change up your fitness routine. It’s very easy to plateau and our bodies become complacent with the same old workouts. To avoid this and to start seeing quicker results, I highly recommend incorporating HIIT into your fitness routine. Challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and reach your full potential. Say goodbye to spending hours at the gym on the elliptical and introduce yourself to the glorious workout phenomenon that is “HITT.” Trust me, your body will thank you.

    Additional Perks of HIIT

    · Burns calories & fat quicker, excess cardio can result in burning muscle…not good.

    · Time is no longer an excuse, all you need is 15-30 min. for a quick, effective workout.

    · Three to four HIIT workouts a week will benefit your body tremendously.

    · HIIT workouts can be done anywhere with minimal or NO equipment required.

    · You’ll never get bored with the variation in workouts.

    · Interval training allows for short periods of high-intensity and then you get to rest.

    · Improves heart health by enhancing endurance… live a longer and happier life.

    · See physical results and changes in your body...your hard work WILL payoff.

    *Don't know where to start? Try one of these HIIT workouts: Full Body Outdoor Workout and 15-min Abs.

    Have fun & get your sweat on babes!



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