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    There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to the comforting smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I’m a firm believer in all good things should be enjoyed in moderation. Coffee is one of those things. Coffee does contain caffeine, but moderate amounts of caffeine can actually have health benefits. A few of these benefits include reducing fatigue, increasing energy levels and mental functioning, increasing metabolism, and improving short-term memory. However, excessive amounts of caffeine may not be the best because it can interfere with sleep and cause your heart to race, but moderate consumption of coffee is not bad. Consumption of coffee usually interferes with fitness results because people order sugary coffee drinks with extra chocolate and whip cream. Although the excess sugar makes the coffee taste delicious, it is probably not the healthiest option on the menu.

    Health and fitness is all about adopting healthy lifestyle modifications that will be realistic and sustainable long-term. If a cup of morning coffee brings you joy, there is no need to give that up. Unless medically advised to avoid caffeine, a cup of coffee a day will not hurt you. So don’t worry you can still enjoy your Starbucks, Dutch Bros, or other favorite coffee shop drink. But maybe consider making these healthier swaps to get your caffeine fix without feeling guilty or ruining your fitness progress.

    1. Goodbye whip cream

    Skip the whip cream- sugar, fat, preservatives, oh my! Getting rid of the whip cream is the easiest way to cut back on the calories to enjoy a guilt-free coffee drink.

    1. Going nuts for nut milk

    Swap dairy milk for almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, or any nut milk of your choice.

    1. Half the sweetener

    Sugar has addictive properties so cutting back on sugar will take some time to get used to, but your taste buds will adjust. Be patient.

    1. Simpler is better

    Black coffee, unsweetened cold brew, or an Americano are always guilt free options. With minimal calories and additives, these orders will not greatly impact your daily intake.

    1. More tea please

    Can’t go wrong with tea. Matcha tea has amazing antioxidants and increases energy while also tasting amazing. Unsweetened green or black teas are light, refreshing options as well.

    1. Add protein powder or collagen peptides

    For a quick, easy way to add extra protein into your diet, toss in a scope of protein powder or collagen peptides into your coffee drink for a creamy addition.

    1. Use MyFitness pal

    When in doubt, most Starbucks drinks and other major chain coffee establishments will have a nutritional breakdown of every drink available on the app. For those of you tracking macros this is especially useful to ensure you are staying within your macro limits. Be sure to look at the sugar content because that is where most coffee drinks will get you.

    1. Try my go-to drink orders & enjoy.
    • Skinny vanilla latte with almond milk
    • Matcha with coconut milk
    • Iced coffee with almond milk and sugar free vanilla.

    Hope these healthy swaps can be incorporated into your coffee routine and help you on your way to achieving your fitness goals without having to give up your cup of happiness. Cheers to coffee!



    MadFit & BODI intern: @taylorjeankelley

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