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  • Rest and Recovery Days

    If you have been in the fitness world at all then I am sure that you have heard of the coveted “Rest Days” Some people take advantage of them a little too much and others don’t take advantage of them at all. Let’s talk about why they are important and how to find the perfect balance between a lazy day off and giving your body the rest it needs.

    High Intensity Trainers, Crossfitters, Runners and Weight Lifters …this one if for you. I am a H.I.I.T chick at heart so I naturally love anything high intensity. However, that can really take a toll on your body. Especially if you are in the gym 4 or more days a week. Working out breaks down your muscles, so it is crucial to allow them to rebuild and repair. Lack of rest and ...

  • Full Body Outdoor Workout
    There are only a few more weeks to take advantage of this gorgeous weather and get an outdoor workout in before it gets insanely hot. There is nothing better than a workout with sunshine on your face and the breeze in your hair! Here is a full body workout that you can do in your backyard, a park or even in your living room with the french doors wide open. This 25 minute workout is short and sweet so make sure you work extra hard as you enjoy the fresh air.

    What you will need: Bench/Chair, Timer & your awesome self!

    Instructions: You will do each move for 35 seconds. Complete all 9 moves then rest for 1 minute. Repeat until you have done 4 rounds total!


    The workout:

    35 sec. Elevated side plank (alternate sides each round)

    35 sec. Walking Squats

    35 sec. Incline ...

  • What's in my gym bag?
    People always ask my favorite products and what I use day to day. I figured I would start off with what is in my gym bag. Now, because my job is the gym this is also my purse. I have a whole arsenal of things in there but below you will find a list of my favorites! Head to my instagram @mmmadisonmurray for more details.

    My Bag: 
    - My bag is from a UK company called GymTote.  They make designer gym bags.I have had my eye on one of these babies for a while. Once I saw that they came out with a bag that was a backpack, I finally pulled the trigger! This specific bag is called the Charli. It is made out of beautiful black leather with gold details. Unfortunately this specific bag has sold out but I can only imagine how awesome their other products are. It has specific pockets for tennis shoes, a lap top, ...
  • How I got my start

    I have always been active and had a passion for movement. However, It wasn’t until my Senior year of high school that I started to develop a passion for fitness. I had a dance coach that made a point to have us workout each and every practice. She treated us like the athletes we were. At first it was hard and grueling, but slowly I started to fall in love with it. I loved challenging myself and trying to be better at every practice and during every workout. That is the first time that I remember saying I wanted to be a trainer.

    Now, for awhile I had my eyes set on something a little bit different. I wanted desperately to be an NBA dancer. I made that dream a reality, but I put training on hold. It was always something that I was interested in and had in the back of my mind. I would constantly workout with and learn ...

  • Goal Setting Tips

    - Set both Outcome goals and behavior goals. 

    Outcome goals are and end all goal with a specific result. Behavior goals are the daily actions that you take in order to reach your outcome goal. With outcome goals you may not always have full control over the end result. With Behavior goals you have full control weather you make those happen. Both types of goals are crucial in the process of becoming your best self.

    -Set Specific goals. 

    Be specific about what your goal is and the steps you will take in order to achieve that goal.

    -Set Measurable goals. 

    Make sure to pick a goal that can be measured. If you can't measure the progress and the end result how will you tell if you achieved your goal?

    -Set Attainable goals.

    Set a goal that is attainable within the time ...