Workout Videos

Current Strength Training Faves

1) Banded bench hip thrust 2) Trx/Ring Row 3) Plank Hold 4) Anti Rotation Core hold

Full Body Mini Band Workout


Bosu exercises #2

Box Jumps

Slam Balls

Ladder Drills


Wall Workout

1) Wall Sit 2) Walk plank walk 3) Wall Mountain climbers 4) Wall Handstand

Favorite Posterior Chain Exercises

1)Pullups 2)Single Arm Rows 3)Deadlifts 4)Glute Bridges.

Body weight cardio exercises

1)High Knees 2)Plank Jacks 3)Tuck jumps 4)Mountain Climbers 5)Squat Jump Turns 6)Froggers 7)Split Lunges 8)Burpees

Bosu Exercises

1) Up + Over 2) Fast Feet 3) Squat Jump Turn 4)Burpee + front press 5)Pushups 6)Plank walk

Stress Relieving Slams!

1) Tire Hammer Slam 2) Rope Slam 3) Ball Slam

Hotel Workout

1) Incline pushups 2) Split lunges 3) Mountain climbers 4)Tricep dip 5) Walking band squat 6) Toe taps 7) Incline plank walk 8) Elevated Side plank

Foam Rolling

Back to the basics!

1) Pushups 2) High Kneels 3) Squats 4) Plank Walk


Rope Work

1) Waves + Slams 2) Grappler Toss 3) Moving Squat +Rope Waves 4) Kneeling to standing rope slam 5) Plank Wave 6) Russian Twist 7) Rope Circles

Recoil Plyo Pushup

Start in a pushup position. Make sure your shoulder blades are pinched together and your butt stays down. Take your chest to the floor and explode as your raise up. You can also do this on your knees if needed.