• Fitness Gift Guide Under $25

    Christmas is less than 15 days away and I know most of you are still searching for that perfect gift for the fitness lover in your life! Below is a list of my favorite fitness gifts that are all under $25. Pick one, two or fill a stocking full of fitness!

    1. Jump Rope
    2. Headphones
    3. Mini Resistance Bands
    4. Mini Blender
    5. RxBar Protein Bars
    6. Gym Punch Pass
    7. Healthy Holiday H.I.I.T Guide
    8. Water Bottle
    9. Blender Bottle
    10. Gym Bag
    11. Veggie Spiralizer
    12. Foam Roller

    Madison Murray is a certified personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, a certified sports and exercise nutrition coach and a certified functional strength coach. For more information head to or check her out on instagram at @mmmadisonmurray

    Dec 12, 2017
  • Healthy Holiday Tips & Tricks

    1. Workout each day in order to stay in a calorie deficit and avoid holiday weight gain.

    2. Eat a high protein meal before you go to a party. This will keep you full and help avoid extra snacking.
    3. Stick to meal times (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as much as possible. This will help avoid mindless eating and snacking throughout the day.

    4. Eat slow and stop when you are 80 % full. In other words, stop when you are satisfied not when you are stuffed!
    5. Bring your own healthy dish to the party so you can stay on track and share the love.

    6. Always choose to snack on veggies instead of the high calorie and high sugar treats.
    7. Drink water throughout the day. Besides the obvious hydration benefits this will also help keep you full throughout the day and help your body flush out toxins.
    8. Use the “My Plate” guide to keep your portions in

    Dec 06, 2017
  • How to build an inexpensive home gym

    I personally believe that hiring a trainer or a gym that hosts group classes is the way to go. I think it holds you more accountable and pushes you harder. But, that’s just me. Some people prefer to workout alone or at home and that is totally fine! Most people who workout at home don’t have as much equipment as a normal gym. If you plan to workout at home forever then you should eventually invest into yourself and your home gym. You probably don’t want to break the bank right at the beginning so here are a few tips on how to build and inexpensive home gym.

    Before buying any equipment, use your body! Your body is one of your best exercise tools. You can take it anywhere and put it to work on the spot. Do some research and find the best body weight exercises that only require a little space.

    The first piece of equipment that I would

    Nov 29, 2017
  • Turkey Burn Workout

    On average, most Americans consume about 3,000-4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day! That double what you eat on a normal day. Now, I am all about enjoying the holiday and I will never tell you not to have some fun. On the other hand, its also not worth over eating and feeling gross for the next few days! The best way to enjoy the Thanksgiving festivities and stay on top of your fitness is putting yourself in a calorie deficit. Thats where the Turkey Burn Workout comes in! This high intensity workout will torch calories and put you in a calorie deficit so you can eat up and enjoy your day.

    The workout:


    Mountain climbers
    Quick lateral hops

    Plank jack knee tuck
    High knees

    Star jumps

    Stance switches
    Front back hops

    Fast feet
    Squat jumps

    Lunge jumps

    Pushups to failure
    Squats to failure
    Plank hold to failure

    Nov 22, 2017
  • Ways to incorporate fitness into your life workout exercising

    Maybe you know it is time for a change and you want to start adding fitness to your life but you aren’t ready to exercise every day. Or maybe, you already exercise regularly but you want to stay active even on your non training days. Here are a few ways you can incorporate movement and fitness into your life without having to exercise. Most of them are simple things, but they can make a big difference!

    -Park in the furthest parking spot.

    -Take the stairs whenever possible.

    -Add gardening and yard work into your weekly rotation. Bonus points if you opt for the rake instead of the leaf blower.

    -Play! So many adults for get to play. Kick around a soccer ball, shoot some hoops, go on a bike ride, play tag in the yard! Anytime you can play take full advantage of it.

    -Choose a standing desk or a yoga ball as a chair. This will keep your blood

    Nov 15, 2017
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